Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some of my favorite animal art finds on Etsy

As animals are one of my favorite topics, along with art, what better thing to post about but some great animal artwork I have found on Etsy?  I think that nature provides us with some of the most lovely creatures and creations...great inspiration for an artist.  Here is a sampling of some of the beautiful artwork I have found on Etsy when searching for animal art.

First up, k9artgallery .  Artist David J. Rogers's watercolor paintings of dogs really bring smiles to my face.  He has one of a dachshund frolicking on the beach that reminds me of my little dachshund Chilli.  It really conveys the spirit and fun these little dogs are capable of.  The expressions of the dogs he paints could melt your heart as you think of all the furry friends that have been a part of your own life.  I think these paintings would appeal to anyone who loves dogs!  He also paints other animals and subject matters but it's the dog paintings that grabbed my attention first.  Here's the dachshund painting that I really adore:

My own dachshund has never been to the beach, but I can just picture him chasing a sea gull like this.  It's the look he gets when he's in pursuit of a squirrel. 

The next Etsy store I'd like to talk about is lulabies.  The artist, Vera, is so passionate about animals that she volunteers her time and some artwork to conservation organizations that work on saving endangered animals.  The piece that originally drew me to her shop is an exquisite original watercolor of an owl in flight.  Look at this:

OWL 10x8 original watercolor illustration by Vera
I love the colors and the way she conveys the feeling of the bird in motion.  She also paints other animals like cats, dogs, rabbits for instance and other subject matters like landscapes.  Vera will custom draw an illustration for you from your favorite photo, visit her shop and send her a convo on Etsy for more info.

The next shop, Mirthquake, features bird illustrations by artist Myrte de Zeeuw.  Her fascination with birds is evident in the beautiful home decor and clothing items decorated by her gorgeous bird illustrations.  I'm absolutely in love with her new line of silk summer dresses.  This one is my favorite:

Silk Aline dress tunic top with black crows jackdaws by Mirthquake
It's just my style and I love the colors and the crows in flight.  She also has a great collection of bird illustration pillows that would really add a pop of color and a point of interest to any living room. 

The next shop is not all animal inspired work but it is "Eco-chic jewelry designed to make your soul smile" !  How could you go wrong with a smiling soul?  The shop, happygolicky , was featured in the Etsy blog interview here:  http://www.etsy.com/storque/seller-handbook/quit-your-day-job-happygolicky-12817/  and that is where I saw this absolutely fabulous ring that I will be adding to my birthday wish list this year:

Gathered Wings Custom Size Ring by happygolicky
 The artist, Melissa, makes custom handmade silver jewelry with hand-crafted allure, combining a "hint of steampunk edge mixed with patterns & textures inspired by Mother Nature."  I just love her style and her absolutely original designs.

I hope you've enjoyed my quick look into the world of animal art on Etsy.  Of course there are thousands of artists on Etsy with animal artwork in their shops but this is just a few of my favorites that I've found so far...I am sure I will give updates on this topic in the future as I discover more finds I just can't live without.  I hope you will visit these fine shops on Etsy and show them some love!


  1. I love that dachshund painting!!

  2. Thanks so much for posting my Gathered Wings ring. Just had a customer buy one for a birthday present for his daughter and said he saw it here!