Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some more animal art finds from Etsy!

Hi!  I thought it was about time to delve deep into the depths of Etsy once more in search of great animal art!  I love art and I love animals so I can think of no better thing to search for on Etsy than some wonderful artwork combining both. 
I often use sterling silver feather charms in my own jewelry to reflect my love of everything avian...but how about those out there that are drawn to sea life?  This first great shop shows off a lampwork artist's love of creatures from the sea.  I was mesmerized by Chip Moore's shop, C. Moore Glass.  Chip is a self-taught glass artist that uses lampwork (working with a torch to shape glass) to create wearable art and sculptures inspired by the Oregon coastline. The piece that originally drew me in was this beautiful Implosion Sea Turtle pendant:

Implosion Sea Turtle Pendant by cmooreglass

I love the colors and the mixture of the lifelike appearance of the turtle's head and flippers combined with the artful and almost mystical creation that is his shell.  Chip has some other sea turtle creations and also very cool jellyfish pendants that I find quite enchanting.  I think the glass work really makes these creatures come to life!  I can't wait to see more listings from this shop.

My next find is from Matt Price's Etsy shop, MattPriceWatercolors.  Matt sells original watercolor paintings that focus on the natural world, mainly landscapes and wildlife.  This is his painting that caught my eye:

Wildlife Painting Lion African Animal by MattPriceWatercolors

I think the vibrant color palette brings an almost otherworldly glow to the lion in this painting.  He looks so regal and proud as he struts along surveying his domain.  I feel like I'm right there in the African sunshine with him and just watching to see what he does next.  Matt also has a nice collection of different landscapes in his shop and a few other wildlife paintings. 

This next shop combines a love of ceramic clay with a fun and whimsical style to portray little animal sculptures and spirit guides.  Denise Ferragamo's shop, iktomi, is full of interesting and adorable creations that she hand sculpts and fires in her own kiln.  I really love her line of animal spirit guides, including this colorful clay Toucan:

Clay Bird Sculpture Toucan Original Spirit Guide by iktomi
Isn't he adorable?  The bright colors of the toucan are juxtaposed with the unglazed blanket wrapped around him to give him such great contrast.  One of these days I may have to commission Denise to sculpt an African Grey spirit guide for me.  I can picture it now with a brilliant red tail peeking out the back of the blanket!

The last animal artwork I'd like to share with you today comes from Artpaw on Etsy.  This artist specializes in animal portraits and mosaics full of color.  The personality of the dogs and cats portrayed really shines through these works and would touch the heart of anyone with a pet they adore.  Check out Bubba the Pug to see what I mean:

Bubba the Pug Print by artpaw

Who could be mad at a face like that?  I love the artist's style and use of color and line to emphasize the portraits.  She also has some mixed media collages that I adore, especially the Mixed Media Dachshund Collage because I have my own little dachshund friend waiting for me at home right now!

I hope you enjoyed sharing a look at these great artists and their animal artwork.  I'm always on the search for creative talent, especially those that feature nature or animals in their work.  Do you create animal artwork?  Share your link with me here and I'll check you out too!


  1. Thank you for including me in your blog! I love all your choices and am honored to be in such great company. Thank you!