Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Hatchday Sadie Grey!

Sadie Grey, 10/18/2011

Today is Sadie's birthday, she's 3.  She's been going through her terrible two's stage since about the time she was 1 1/2 years old.  She is a little clown, a great talker and a part of my heart.  Right now her favorite things to say are "Alright!!" (said with much enthusiasm), "I need a drink of water." usually followed by "I need a drink of water right now!" "Bottle" (her and my grey Lyric love to play with empty water bottles) "Lyric" (she says Lyric's name frequently but I've never heard her say her own name, except she does say "grey girl" and "girlie") and she lately has been saying "Go potty!" a lot. 

Lyric (left) and Sadie together

Sadie knows how to open Lyric's cage doors.  She usually will open the doors and then play with them, sometimes she opens his food and water doors and steals bites of food and drinks of water before she attempts to pull the cups out and throw them on the floor (this is a real fun game for me.)  This weekend she actually climbed inside Lyric's cage and had a great time playing with all his favorite toys.  They get along alright for the most part but she's a little pushy and overwhelming for Lyric and he doesn't like her to try to get up in his face.  She was inside his cage for quite some time before she got tired of his toys and decided to try to get up in his face and wanted to sit on the perch he was on.  I had to intervene before he got too upset.  I did manage to get a couple of pics of them together though and I was really happy about that.

I hope someday when they are both a bit mellower they will be able to coexist peacefully together outside of their cages.  Happy hatchday Sadie Grey!


  1. Happy hatchday!! :)
    belated! But I still mean it just as much!

  2. jennifer...........who knew that birds had terrible twos? too funny!

  3. So funny what she says! "i need a drink of water right now!" hahaha.

    Hi! I found you via Handmadeology & am stopping by to show some blog follow love! Hope you have a great week!

    Des, www.manoymetal.blogspot.com

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