Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Infinity scarves...my latest obsession!

Hi everyone!  I should start by saying Happy New Year!  I hope everyone is enjoying 2012 so far.  It has been so lovely here in Missouri, it really doesn't feel like January (not yet anyway, it is supposed to turn colder tomorrow).  Generally by this time of year, it has been cold and blustery for a few weeks already, and we usually have had snow and ice too.  This winter we've been blessed so far with warmer temperatures and as of yet we haven't had any snow or ice here where I live.  I love it!  Today it's in the 50's and I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and ate my lunch outside- trying to soak up a bit of that vit D3 we all miss out on this time of year.  I know it probably won't last long but I'm trying to enjoy every day of it! 
Even though it's been warm, I've been getting ready for the cold blast to hit.  I shared with you a few posts back about the slouchy hat I crocheted from Julie at Gleeful Things website.  I decided to make a scarf to go with it and so I designed my own infinity scarf.  It was so easy and fun to make that I thought I'd share with you how I did it, you can easily design your own or follow my pattern and make one in your favorite color. 
To start off, I used a size J crochet hook and a Lion Brand Yarn called Tweed Stripes in the color Marble.  This yarn comes in 3 oz skeins and it took about 1 1/2 skeins to make one scarf.  Here's my pattern:

Row 1, chain 15.  Chain 2 more- this will be the first stitch of row 2. 
Row 2, double crochet in the fourth chain stitch from your hook (should be the 14th chain stitch from the beginning. Double crochet in each chain to the end.  Count your stitches, there should be 15 counting the two chain stitches at the beginning as one stitch.  Chain 2 and turn. 
Row 3,  the two chain stitches you just made count as the first stitch in this row.  Double crochet in the back loop only of each stitch across, starting with the second to the last stitch.  Chain 2 and turn.
Repeat this for as long as you desire.  I made mine about 75" long, which is long enough to wrap it snuggly 3 times around my neck.  When it is the desired length, hold the two ends together to form a circle and slip stitch the stitches together to join.  Then just weave your yarn ends into the fabric to finish. 

I hope those instructions make sense if someone tries to make their own!  I've never written a crochet pattern out before and I realize it may not be completely clear what I'm trying to say!  If you have experience crocheting it shouldn't be hard for you to understand though. 
Now that I am done with the scarf, I realize that usually you would chain 3 to make a double crochet stitch for the beginning of each row, but I only chained 2 and it turned out fine. If your stitches tend to be real tight, you may want to chain 3 for the beginning of each row. 
I had so much fun making my scarf that I made another one for my boyfriend.  I made his 20 chain stitches across to start, so it would be a bit thicker for him.  It is easy to adjust the pattern to fit your individual needs.  I'm now making another one just like the first one for my sister.  I hope she likes it! 

Two completed infinity scarves and a third in process.

If you decide to try making a scarf and follow my pattern, I hope you'll let me know how it turns out!  You could also leave the ends free and just have a regular scarf.  I have decided that the infinity scarf is definitely the thing for me though, I love how it stays nice and warm and where you want it without having to constantly adjust it.  I should be giving mine a lot of use before this winter is over.

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