Thursday, August 9, 2012

Royal Beauty

Hello!  In past posts here on my blog I've shared with you different ways I go about designing and creating a piece of jewelry.  Today I'd like to tell you about my newest creation, Royal Beauty.  The Royal Beauty set was designed based on the concept of adaptability.  I wanted to create pieces that work equally well on their own or together.  In this particular set, one of the pieces can also be worn as different kinds of jewelry- a choker necklace or a bracelet.  It's the ultimate in adaptability and I hope whoever ends up with this set has fun wearing it in all the different ways possible. 

As I started off thinking of how to make it adaptable, I had to decide what color scheme to go with and how to mix the colors of the two different pieces to make them interchangeable.  I decided to go with shades of purple for this one- I had a really pretty piece of purple agate just begging me to create with it.  This particular piece of agate combines shades of purple with brown.  I could have added some brown into the main design of either piece but it just didn't feel right to me- I wanted to concentrate on the purple and silver and let the agate really stand out. 

Royal Beauty in the planning stage!

The picture above shows the two necklaces in the planning stage- it takes me a lot of playing around with my beads to get them the way I like!  Originally I was going to have the shorter piece as only a bracelet or an add on to the main necklace- but the more I arranged and rearranged it became longer and longer until it could be either a choker or a bracelet wrapped twice.  For me, the best part of making jewelry is in the design process so I really take my time with each piece and make it best reflect the beauty of the stones and materials I use.  If while I'm designing the idea changes, then so be it! 

Royal Beauty necklace set by greygirldesigns on Etsy
Once I have the design complete I have to be able to convey in photos how it can be worn.  The photo above shows the two necklaces as they will look if you wear them together.  But you can also wear each piece by itself as a separate necklace, or wrap the shorter one twice for a pretty bracelet as I show here:

Royal Beauty choker worn as a bracelet
On Etsy you can have 5 photos of each item that you post.  It's always hard to pick the 5 photos that best reflect the piece and how it can be worn.  I hope I conveyed the beauty and adaptability in the pictures that I used.  Below is a picture I didn't use because I couldn't crop it the way I wanted to, but it shows the main necklace by itself and how the second piece can compliment it:

Royal Beauty necklace set by greygirldesigns on Etsy
So that's the story of the latest addition to my Etsy store!  I would love it if you'd take a look at my jewelry selection and let me know what you think.  My jewelry is unique- when you purchase a piece of jewelry from me you aren't getting a piece of mass produced jewelry that someone else out there will be wearing.  My designs are one of a kind.  I believe a piece of jewelry should be as unique and individual as the person that wears it.  I hope you can see that I try to let the beauty of nature shine through in my work and let it compliment the wearer.  I have fun creating my jewelry designs and I hope you will have fun wearing it!



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