Sunday, February 12, 2012

Still growing

Even though this winter hasn't been dreadful weather-wise, I was thinking of spring today when I found a moment to be creative.  At the last bead show I attended, a beautiful leafy silver clasp caught my eye and I decided to start with it as the centerpiece for a new bracelet to celebrate spring.  What better to complement it with than some natural stones and gemstones in shades of green?  Here's my new bracelet in the planning stages...

Creating Still growing, my latest one of a kind bracelet!

Moss agate and light green apatite combine with the brilliance of sterling silver to create a bracelet full of the promise of spring.  I made it with a random pattern, as wild and unpredictable as a growing living thing. As I was creating it, I was also thinking about how like a new plant in spring, we are all still growing.  Our spirits and minds grow stronger and deeper and continue this process our whole lives.  That is what inspired the name.  I hope whoever wears it is reminded that even in winter and dark times, we are all still growing inside. The promise of spring and renewal is right around the corner.

Still growing bracelet by greygirldesigns

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