Thursday, April 7, 2011

Doing what I love...

For years people (family and friends mostly) have told me I need to sell my jewelry creations online.  I always had an excuse why I wasn't doing it.
1.  I spend enough time making jewelry for family and friends that I couldn't possibly keep up with an online store.
Well, life threw a little kink in that...I won't go into details here but I found myself facing a lot more free time and having less help to find homes for my jewelry.  I came to realize that I do have the time for it if I make the time.  It has to be high on my list of priorities. Also, I can't rely on other people to do what I should be doing for myself.  I have to be my own best salesman.  And, as my own best salesman I have to promote myself in ways I am comfortable with. Since I enjoy making jewelry and spending time online, I am keeping both of us happy!
2.  I don't want to sell online without a business license.
This one is just common sense.  Of course I shouldn't be operating any kind of business without going through the proper legal channels first.  I was just unwilling to spend the time researching what I needed to do to make everything legit.  Once I started the process though, I started to become excited about my new little business.  Once I had my business licenses and sales tax ID number I knew I had come a long way and I was going to follow through and try to make a success of it.
3.  I had a case of "lack of motivation and overall laziness". 
When you are a beaded jewelry maker, you develop a bit of an addiction to beads.  In order to buy more beads to feed your addiction you need money...if I can sell a bit of jewelry here or there then before you know it...I have more money for more beads.  So there is a motivating factor.  As far as the laziness goes, well I think we all have moments of laziness in our lives.   I just needed to get over it and move on and try to make something of myself. 

Life has a way of sending challenges our way.  Brick walls, obstacle courses, ties that bind's up to us to take up the challenge and find a way to make it through, over or around.  To find a way to cut ourselves free from the excuses that are holding  us back. 

Points for me to remember as I continue on this journey:
   1.  Stay motivated!! 
   2.  Don't lose focus.
   3.  Keep promoting myself.

Sure, I haven't sold much yet or come even close to breaking even.  But, I am just starting off.  Now, the potential exists because of the steps I have taken and the work that has been done.  The online world is a vast sea of artistic expression and I am just another fish in that sea.  It is up to me to keep trying to get my name out there, let others see my work and judge it for themselves.  I think if I can remain positive and keep working hard I may even get to where I want to be someday.  In the meantime, thank you to all of you that have encouraged me along the way.  I do appreciate it and I was listening, really I was.  And now I realize I am enjoying every minute of doing what I love!

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