Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Circle of change

Life is a circle of change.

The seasons spiral on and on- they may seem the same but everything is always changing. 
"Change is the only constant."  This is a quote from my father, who has taught me a lot about life.  He is a very wise man.  My day job for the last 19 years has been working with him at the business he started in 1975.  Digital Systems Sales, Inc. is a manufacturer's representative firm that specializes in selling computer-related products to manufacturers.  Over the years we have seen many changes, from the companies we sell for, to the products we handle and even the people we deal with on a day to day basis.  He has told me many times "change is the only constant in this business" and it is very true.  I think it applies to life in general as well. 
It certainly is true in the fashion world.  Have  you ever noticed how every few decades some styles come back into fashion?  But the designers try to give them a new unique spin to fit the times we are living in.   We change them to make them current.  For instance, right now supposedly the 70's fashions are coming back into style but I don't think you'll see people walking around looking like Marcia from The Brady Bunch, or a character from The Village People.    This spring and summer you will see a lot of long and flowy skirts with a gypsy or bohemian feel.  Wide-leg jeans and pants with a more relaxed vibe may once more be popular (a great thing for those of us with an aversion to skinny-legged jeans and jeggings). Also, bright and colorful accessories like jewelry, handbags, and even shoes such as chunky platform sandals will add a confident and fun sense of nostalgia to today's fashion looks. 
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A fun look back at some fashions you may have seen during the 70's.
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Are you looking to add a modern twist to your 70's inspired fashions this summer?  How about my Hot Topic bracelet and necklace, a bold and modern design with a bright pop of color.  Add it to some funky platform sandals, a plain black tee and some wide-leg jeans and you'll be looking fresh and in style in the coming months.  Take a look:
SoftWalk - San Pedro
Fun chunky platform sandals, SoftWalk by San Pedro available at http://www.zappos.com/ for $109.00

'77 Hi-Rise Flare Jean
'77 Hi-Rise Flare Jean from American Eagle Outfitters available at http://www.ae.com/ for $49.50

Twisted pleat T by Gap available at http://www.gap.com/ for $29.95

Hot Topic necklace by Grey Girl Designs available at www.etsy.com/shop/greygirldesigns for $95.00

Hot Topic bracelet by Grey Girl Designs available at www.etsy.com/shop/greygirldesigns for $42.00

We may not always welcome change in life, it can sometimes be scary and unsettling, but I think you'll find that especially in the fashion world a little change can be a very good thing.  


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